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January 2001


Synthetic Oils work well in winter.

For the longest engine life, always use the highest grade of oil that will work for the temperature range of the season. 

Too low of viscosity improves starting, but does not cushion engine bearings adequately. Older engines with ‘worn in tolerances’ will not build an adequate hydrodynamic wedge above the bearings with lighter oils, and they will eventually be flattened, producing a noticeable bearing rattle. This will shorten engine life by upwards of 75,000 miles.

Too high of viscosity, however, especially with mineral oils, (using a 20/50 in winter, for example) may affect starting and delays startup lubrication. 

We do not recommend any 5W30 or lighter Multi-grades in our Winter Climate. 

For summer, use 15W Multi- (15/40-15/50 etc).

Unfortunately, most new manufacturers are recommending and using the 5W multi-grades. We strongly urge you to use no lighter than 10/30 oil in wintertime, and avoid 10-40’s. Because of the superior Flow Characteristics of the Mobil 1 Synthetic Oils, we are finding excellent results with a 50% blend of 10/30, and 15/50 Mobil 1 Synthetic Motor Oil. For summer, use 15/50 Synthetic. Change synthetic oil every 5000 miles; change mineral oil every 3000 miles.

Sticking Ignition locks will Ruin your Starter…

Owners of pre-GM 900’s must be careful of spilling coffee, soda, even snow and other debris into their ignition key lock located in the center console between the front seats. The sugars will congeal, or the moisture will freeze in winter-time, preventing the starter switch to "spring back" to the "ON" position when starting. This could keep your starter motor engaged, destroying it in a few short minutes.

Being aware of the starter switch ‘snapping’ back to "Drive" or "On" position is all that is needed to prevent this very common problem. Simply turn the key backwards and have the lock cleaned and lubricated ASAP. On early 900’s, the "Brake Fluid" light will be on while cranking, so this light can also be used to check if the Starter Switch was disengaged after starting.

Wax your Door Seals to prevent Sticking… Spraying Pledge or other furniture wax on your Door Seals (especially 9000’s & newer models without rain gutters) will help keep Ice from sticking at the seals, possibly locking you out of your Saab on a cold winter night!

Old Batteries May Damage expensive Electronics, engine management and safety system computers, and audio systems in your Saab! Some tips:

Replace the battery every 4-5 years before it becomes unreliable, or when it begins to cause chronic corrosion near the terminals. Battery Terminals & Cables must be clean and in good condition!
Disconnect your battery or employ a Tender (modern trickle charger) when storing the car for over 2 weeks.
Do not Jump start a totally dead battery or you may destroy a computer when the alternator surges and the battery is too weak to absorb the high voltage. Connect jumpers and charge the dead battery for a while with the jumper car before starting.
Alternator Belts must be periodically checked and adjusted for proper tension, and the charging rates checked.

Weak Power Steering may adversely affect your ability to steer on Ice. When the Power Steering Rack is worn, it causes an uneven steering when cold, which usually improves as the fluid warms up. If there is any unevenness when warm, the Rack should be replaced. Not only does the power assist help one to steer, but it continually senses steering forces while driving and makes slight power compensations to stabilize the steering. With worn power steering, the driver cannot ‘feel’ the ice or traction the front wheels are dealing with, making it less safe.

Shock Absorber Bushings also play an important role in traction and steering stability. With the ultra-high quality shocks found on Saab, often all that is wrong with shock absorber action on pre-GM 900’s is worn out lower bushings on the front shocks. We have excellent replacements for $12.

In no case should you ever replace your Original Equipment shocks with the cheaper, domestic after-market brands sold by department and parts stores or tire shops. Even new, they are usually inferior to worn OE shocks.

Clutch Hydraulic systems often fail in wintertime, because of fluid leakage from old seals and metal shrinkage during cold temperatures. If your clutch pedal feels limp, or has excessive free play when cold, beware of crashing into reverse gear. First select a forward gear and test the clutch first.

Replace Old Fuel Filters to save your Fuel Pump.. Fuel Filters should be changed every 2 years. A partially clogged filter restricts fuel flow, shortening the life of the fuel pump dramatically. Winter fuel (oxygenated with Ethanol) can easily clog an older fuel filter with water absorbed by the ethanol. Replacement is cheap insurance for a $400 fuel pump!

We monitor all of these items & more in our Oil Service Inspections

5% Discount if we serviced your Saab last time…

Regularly serviced Saabs are much easier to work on, so you save….

Our 5000 mile Synthetic Oil Inspection Service is the heart of our comprehensive maintenance plan. It is far more inclusive than a simple "oil change", and enables us to make vital inspections and adjustments, and stay abreast of your Saab’s needs as they occur. Allowing us to regularly service your Saab makes it much easier for us to keep everything in smooth operating order, and saves valuable time by maintaining a continuous service history, just like your family dentist maintains your family’s dental health.

It’s a good deal for both of us, so we offer a 5% discount on any Oil Service we perform, provided that we also did the previous oil service. Any repairs we perform with that oil service (same proviso) will also be discounted 5%.

Don’t Use a Credit Card and Save 2%…

We’d rather give the fees to you, so use check or cash and save 2%!

Thanks for Reading! Happy New Year to Everyone! John & Brad

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