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From: Spokane’s only Independent SAAB Repair Specialists

Swedish Motorcar Service - 

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  January 2000

Who is Swedish Motorcar Service?

John Lippis started working on Saabs in 1966. John, Mike and Dan Lippis formed Saab Specialists of Spokane in 1991. In 1993 we changed name to Swedish Motorcar Service at Saab USA’s request because we were not a franchised dealership, but an Independent Repair Facility.

In 1997 Mike left, and began his quest for a Mechanical Engineering degree; Dan followed the next year.

Brad Hone joined Swedish in 1998.

Our Goals: To enjoy practicing our Trade, providing the best comprehensive service possible as Saab Specialists, at an affordable price. We are the equivalent of what once was known as a "family doctor" for Saab. Currently, we serve over 300 families.

Our Ethic: True Professionalism means putting a client’s needs and welfare ahead of one’s own. We continually strive to live up to this high goal.

Our methods: Competence through continual Training; Honesty and Forthrightness in all matters; Total disclosure of a Saab’s needs and priorities; Continually improve repair or maintenance strategies, using the best parts. Continually look for Improved Lubricants to increase service life and reliability. Meticulous record-keeping for life-of-the-car preventive maintenance.

Our Promise: To keep doing the above, just like we have done for 33 years, to the best of our ability!

Winter Discount Specials

Now is the Time to Save Money on those Big Repairs you’ve been putting off…

Feb-March: $49.50 Shop Rate; 10% parts

Through the months of February and March we will be discounting Labor to $49.50 per hour and Parts to 10% off. This is traditionally a slow time of the year for us, and will be an excellent time to take advantage of the discounts to save on larger repairs and maintenance.

Our New Labor Rate April, 2000 will be $57.50 per hr. We have not increased labor rates in 2 years and find it necessary to do so this year. Other shops working on Saab, including the dealer are currently at $63 + per hr. Since we are the only Saab Specialists in the entire Inland Empire, we believe we offer an extraordinary bargain at this rate. Most popular repairs usually put off include clutches, brake and rotor repairs, Steering Racks, Exhaust and Major Servicing. Most 9000 models have proven to need Heater Core and Ventilation Fan replacements after 4 years, so this would also be an excellent repair to consider at this Time.

Technical Tips…..

Over the last 6 years we have published over a hundred Technical Tips.

  1. Stop By for a copy of the last Newsletter’s Tech Tips, there are many valuable Aids to Driving in Winter, and avoiding unnecessary expense such as Starter Replacements and Tow Trucks in Winter Weather.
  2. Never Jump Start a Totally Dead Battery. The battery acts as a buffer for the electrical system. A totally Dead battery will not moderate the high voltage surges of the alternator and can possibly destroy the many computers on a modern Saab. After connecting jumpers, run the "jumper car" for a while to partially charge the dead battery.
  3. We are changing to Synthetic Oil for engines.
  4. We think we’ve found the ultimate Gearbox Oil for 5 speed Transaxles.

Don’t Jumpstart a totally dead battery… 

If your battery dies completely- meaning that there is absolutely no indication of power when switched on, it is best to charge the battery first before jumpstarting. If this is not possible, then first ‘charge it’ slightly with the jumpstarting vehicle, by connecting cables and running the engine until the "dead’ battery shows some sign of life. Only then will it be capable of protecting your many on board computers from the strong surges of voltage produced by the alternator on startup. If not sure, have the vehicle towed home or the shop where it can be charged properly and tested.

  1. Sticking Ignition ruins Starter Motors…Owners of pre-GM 900’s must be careful of spilling coffee, soda, even snow and other debris into their ignition key lock located in the center console between the front seats. The sugars will congeal, or the moisture will freeze in winter-time, preventing the starter switch to "spring back" to the "ON" position when starting. This could keep your starter motor engaged, ruining it in a few short minutes. Being aware of the starter switch ‘snapping’ back to "Drive" position is all that is needed to prevent this very common problem. Simply turn the key backwards and have the lock cleaned and lubricated the lock as soon as possible.
  2. Don’t use "Gasoline Antifreeze", "Heet" or any other alcohol additives to gasoline in winter. Our fuel already has 10% ethanol and any more alcohol in the fuel seriously affects the properties of the fuel, for which the engine management computer is not programmed.
  3. If you use Studs, install on all 4 wheels… If you have studs on the front wheels, make sure you have them on the back wheels in any front wheel drive car.
  4. Brush the Snow away from your Tail and Brake Lights... Being seen is nearly as important as seeing!
  5. Night vision Poor? High Powered Headlight Bulbs $20. Pitted Windshields replaced: Usually $200 - $250, incl. Installation. Bosch has a new Wiper Blade, called ‘Excel’. Correct these typical problems affecting night vision, especially in wet or winter conditions, and you’ll be amazed at the difference!

Local Saab Racecars..

We’ve been racing motorcycles for years, so we thought we’d try to build a Saab racecar…

Brad and Renae Hone - Drivers

This year Brad captured the 1999 WMRRA (Washington Motorcycle Roadracing Assoc.) 650 Production Twins #3 Title on his Honda Hawk. John placed #7 in 750 Supersport in Omrra (Oregon), and Matt Lippis completed his Novice year and earned his Expert License. Together with Mike and Dan Lippis, that makes 5 racers from Swedish Motorcar Svc. With a 6th person, Renae Hone up and coming. This summer, Brad and Renae Hone will drive a Saab 9000T and 900T in local events to earn their Novice licence, on the way to becoming SCCA (Sports Car Club of America) competitors. First on the agenda will be 2 driving schools and various local Novice events with the Northwest Driver’s Assoc. Most of their racing will be at Spokane Raceway Park’s 2.5- mile road coarse and local Autocross events.

John and the rest of the Lippis gang will continue to ride the 2 wheel Saabs (motorcycles) as we have done for 20 years.

Motor Racing is a great and disciplined sport. As we experience this new adventure, we’ll pass on the news in case any of you might want to try it with your Saab!

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