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Policies, Warranties, Disclaimers


Policies & Guarantees...  We try to be flexible on any disagreements, however, these are the policies of real-world auto repair.


Our Shop Hourly Rate is $92.50 per hr.  We also charge 1/4 hr. for misc. time (clerical, record keeping, discussion) plus misc. supplies ($3.50 - $12.50)

Estimates for any Troubleshooting of Problems cannot be estimated accurately; only "straight time" allotment @ Hourly Rate to attempt a diagnosis.

Our Synthetic Oil & Inspection Servings (each more comprehensive than Saab's list) usually cost $110-$170 depending on Year and Model, Mileage

and type of Service. (Full Inspections or Interim minor Inspections)


Regarding Fees, Guarantees and Liability Disclaimers......

1.   Services performed while customers wait are usually charged @ "Straight Time" Shop Rate incl. discussions, estimating, testing and clerical recording.

*  Diagnostic Time is also charged at "Straight Time" Shop Hourly Rate with No Guarantees that the problem will be discovered or remedied.

Diagnostic times usually run between 1 and 2 hours.

2. In general, our Workmanship is guaranteed, and most parts have warranties, but will vary. There are no implied guarantees other than those specifically

    written.  Any Warranties on the products sold herein are those made by the manufacturer.  Most, but not all parts have warranties on the part only, and

    this usually doesn't include labor. In case of part failure, there are no implied warranty for any other damage or liability.

3.  We are not responsible for problems or potential problems not detected, repaired, or noted during any repair, inspection or service.

4.  Some repairs might be done diagnostically to attempt to remedy a problem. We cannot guarantee that any or all of the problem will be solved.

5.  In all cases of Premature Wear or Part Failure, the final decision to cover parts or labor under any warranty will be at the discretion of Swedish Motorcar

Service.  Usually, we will split the Labor, and offer the replacement part at a Pro-rated Discount it fails or wears out before what we deem as a reasonable

time.  For example: our mufflers are pro-rated at 4 years.

6.  It is the customer's responsibility to inquire regarding guarantees of specific repairs before the job is begun. You are entitled by law to have any express

warranties in writing.  You must ask to see replaced parts at the time of authorization, and for a copy of anything you sign in writing if desired.

7.  Payment in full will be due upon delivery of vehicle. 

8.  A $15.00 per day storage fee may be charged after 3 days of completion of work. (We don't impose this normally- is a legal protection for us from

irresponsible people who abandon their vehicles for unreasonable times).

9.  An express "Mechanic's Lien" is acknowledged in lieu of satisfactory payment for services.

Regarding Service Contracts: These insurance policies often do not pay the local going price for parts, or for proper diagnostics to

     approach the problem in a method we feel best.  Neither do they pay for the additional clerical time needed to process claims.

     You, the customer agree to make up for these costs if needed.


You are Entitled by Law to the following:

1.     A Written Estimate for the Repairs which will cost over $100, unless waived or absent face to face contact.

2.     Authorize Orally Or In Writing Any Repairs Which Exceed The Estimated Cost Or Written Authorization To Exceed The

        Estimated Total Pretax Cost By More Than 10%. Note:  Our Estimates May Not Include Towing Bills, which are offered at Wholesale Cost.

You will be asked to sign a repair authorization stating…

Do You Authorize Repair Of Safety-Related Lights, Wiper Washers & Blades Without Contacting You And Updating Your Estimate? Check Here >

I assume responsibility and hold harmless Swedish Motorcar Service and its personnel (herein "SMS") for the following, but not limited to:

*  Aftermath or liability arising from SMS's inability to reproduce the symptoms or failures described, or from practicing common sense diagnostic

procedures to ensure that we are not making an unnecessary repair, such as: erasing scanned trouble codes to monitor if the problem reoccurs,

example: if we erase an airbag code/warning-light, we are not responsible if it reoccurs and you are injured in an accident because the airbag did not

function, or if we erase a throttle body code and reset the component instead of replacing it, saving you the expense of replacement or making sure that it

is not a non-recurring "ghost" symptom, or while waiting for parts to arrive the failure occurs again and causes an accident, we will not be held responsible.

*   Aftermath or subsequent recurrence of sludge formation in the engine, whether undiscovered, advised regarding, treated, cleaned or repaired in

any way, or from flushing any fluid in my vehicle (chemical reactions etc.) or from any other system or component failure beyond SMS's direct control.

*   Damage to the engine from overheating or loss of oil pressure, or associated inconvenience, towing, and other aftermath.  (It is the driver's

responsibility to recognize these conditions and shut down the vehicle before any damage has resulted - for instance we cannot be responsible for a hose

failure and resultant damage and other aftermath.)

*  Problems not discovered or forecast by SMS during their visual inspections or other work.  I understand that SMS may not be able to predict or

prevent later failures or unreliability, and Swedish Motorcar Service and their personnel are not responsible to me in this manner.

*  Aftermath or liability arising from declined, deferred, provisional or alternative repairs (often performed for the purposes of diagnostic troubleshooting,

    interim repair or reduced repair/maintenance expense)

Estimate notwithstanding, I Agree to the stipulations above now and for future repairs or maintenance, and assume responsibility for damage, theft or

vandalism beyond Swedish Motorcar Service's reasonable care & control.

I agree to the above estimate and authorize Swedish Motorcar Service personnel to perform the repairs listed herein, along with any other inspections and

observations deemed necessary in their judgment regarding the safety or reliability of my vehicle, and to record such observations.

I authorize Swedish Motorcar personnel to operate this vehicle & run engine for the purposes of testing, inspection, and pickup / delivery at my risk.  


SIGNATURE ____________________________________________    DATE: ___________________________

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