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Preventive Maintenance

Note:  The Oil Recommendations referenced in any of our articles are OUT OF DATE and no Longer Apply, because of improvements in the Oil Technology, and our ever-growing experience.  We now use 5-40 Full Synthetic Oil for most older models and vehicles over 60,000 miles old.  We Use the 0-40 Full Synthetics for the newest models as per their specification.

This Page is an Index to various articles we have published regarding Preventive Maintenance.

Since this time we have published "Flyers" in which Tech Info is integrated into the overall article..

Download a Synopsis of our Preventive Maintenance Program:

Regarding "Condition-Based-Maintenance"

Owners of newer vehicles need to know the truth about the "Service Due" reminders that pop up on your instrument panel.



Articles found in Saab Flyer #4, Dec. 2001  

"Taking Care of Your Saab, Step by Step"

An Oil Change is not Enough!

Where to Begin... 5000 mi. Oil Inspection Service

Road Testing.. What's it Worth?

Maintaining Good Records

Itemized Checklist of Our Oil Inspection Service

Let us do the Diagostics and You will Save $$


Articles found in Saab Flyer #3 

Saab Maintenance is Long Term Investment… much like your Home.

Cheap Oil Changes are Not good for your Saab…Or Your Pocketbook!

5% Discount if we serviced your Saab last time

The ABC’s of Preventive Maintenance…

Winter Driving Tips  (including the following articles)

Synthetic Oils work well in winter

Sticking Ignition locks will Ruin your Starter

Wax your Door Seals to prevent Sticking

Old Batteries May Damage expensive Electronics

Jumper-Starting a Battery is Dangerous!

Weak Power Steering

Shock Absorber Bushings

Replace Old Fuel Filters to save your Fuel Pump



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