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Download in their original MS Word format,

Saab Flyers

Old Newsletters,


 Excel Spreadsheets to help manage your

Preventive Maintenance Schedules.

Welcome to Swedish Motorcar Service!

( A must read for those wishing to acquaint themselves with our experience proven Preventive Maintenance, which far exceeds the minimal short term service recommendations of Saab.)

Compare Our Oil Servicing with Saab's

(Excel spreadsheet showing in Grey font the items covered in Saab's 10,000 service using only semi-synthetic oil, and our Preventive Maintenance Oil and Inspection Servicing, using full synthetic Mobil One.

Saab Flyer #8, Spring 2008

Saab Flyer #&, Spring 2007

Saab Flyer #6, Jan. 2004

Saab Flyer #5, Oct, 2002

Flyer #4, Dec. 2001

Flyer #3, Jan. 2001

Flyer #2, May 2000

Flyer #1, Jan. 2000

Newsletter, 1996

Newsletter, 1995

Newsletter, 1994

Newsletter, 1993

Newsletter, 1992

Newsletter, 1991




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