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Saabs For Sale

Sorry we have no refurbished saabs for sale at this time


All or our Repairs and Notes are Itemized and available for your complete information.

We fully expect our Refurbished Saabs to give 100,000 more excellent, safe and reliable miles if driven reasonably, and serviced properly following our Preventive Maintenance Agenda, which is completely up to date at this time.

30 day 50/50% Warranty

Pictures blow up considerably for detailed inspection.






We Usually only sell Saabs that we have refurbished and guarantee.  Our refurbishment is unlike any other.    See Bottom of page for our Complete Refurbishment Guidelines.

Call the shop for our bulletin board for customer cars currently for sale..


We strongly advise a Buyer's Inspection on any Saab before purchase.  The average cost is $200.  These inspections are the same ones necessary to map out a maintenance plan after purchase, so knowing what the Saab might need before you buy only makes good sense, and it is a small price to pay to possibly prevent expensive surprises later!

We also recommend that you Contact our Spokane Dealer, Jaremko Saab for New and Used Saabs.  They are fine folks and and often take trades and actively seek Saabs on the automotive auctions.  

Jaremko Saab
E 6901 Sprague
Spokane, WA 99212   (509) 924-6242

Also, check the Spokesman Review for "Automobiles for Sale"  look alphabetically for "Saab".

Craig's List, and Autos.Yahoo.com, Ebay & Google" also regularly advertise Saabs for Sale.


Don't forget to have  an Objective Buyer's Inspection performed!

We usually only sell Saabs that we have refurbished and guarantee.  Our refurbishment is unlike any other.

1. You buy the Saab at our cost plus a disclosed handling fee/markup/whatever you want to call it. (0%-15%-20% -- $00- $200 - $500)  

2. You Pay for Refurbishment costs, just as though you owned the Saab and brought it to us for repair.

3. We do everything we feel necessary to give you a safe, reliable and long-lived Saab, matched to its realistic service life and expected usage.  For instance, we are not going to overhaul the engine on a $1500 "go to work" Saab, but rather, do everything to make it safe and reliable for the use intended.  Usually, most models will include all Servicing necessary to bring it fully up to date, unless otherwise noted. 

Usually, we service everything that is needed to start off a new service life and avoid any unnecessary repairs...  All service information and itemized lists of repairs done, (and why we did them) is available to you.

4. Our Warranty:  In most cases, For the given amount of time, we will split labor costs with you (50%) and all parts (50%) except those which have little or no margin in them, in which case, "at our cost". 

Basically, we are attempting to repair everything necessary for the Saab before sale.  If something unseen or unexpected fails or has problems, then we split it with you, which is close to what you would have paid in the price of the Saab before you purchased it.

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